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Posted on: 01-18 2:23 am


Server patched to, cleaned up and simplified the user state change subroutine, and resolved an issue that was probably causing clients pre 2.1 to cause newer clients to melt and eat up the CPU.

root@Timmy64:~# apt-get install bacon
Posted on: 02-08 11:25 am

Nice good to hear an update in some time!
Posted on: 02-17 7:57 pm
jarhead gamer38

so that's why sometimes aim would log on verrrrrrrrrrrrry slow

Hi. my screenname is JarHead.
Posted on: 02-25 7:56 pm

Just wanna say thanks for doing this. As a long time AIM user and fan, it's amazing seeing effort being put forth to resurrect in my opinion the best IM client ever made. I hope the project gets popular and pulls users away from Discord and Skype.
Posted on: 04-13 12:32 pm
Veselcraft (Vladimir)


hello i'm from russia Website: /// VKontakte: /// Twitter: /// Youtube: /// instagram:
Posted on: 04-30 12:19 pm

i don't see why pulling users away from Discord would be neccasary at all. as for the skype users, give them escargot.

E n t e r t h e z o n e t o d a y . youtube: reesehan schavinchiz (sorry if i haven't been active)
Posted on: 05-14 6:44 pm

I use discord and AIM.

im cool i guess
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