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Potentially getting newer AIM versions to work?
Posted on: 06-21 3:39 pm

So in some newer AIM versions it's possible to change the connection to this site (7.5 maybe) and I'm trying to see if I can get any of said versions to work.
Posted on: 06-21 4:55 pm


that isn't going to be happening. every version since 6 used SSL exclusively, as well as clientlogin, and I haven't been able to get AIM 6+ and phoenix server to agree on an SSL algorithm to use.

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Posted on: 06-21 7:04 pm

ah, damn.

this thread's pointless then -.-
Posted on: 06-22 8:00 am

what did 5.9 and prior use?
Posted on: 06-26 5:06 pm

The older versions of AIM used OSCAR, but so does the AIM 6+, there's just a somewhat-custom SSL wrapper around it. By hooking a custom DLL into running AIM you can dump the traffic before/after it's encrypted. Like I said though, it's the same, but there are added features to the various families/food groups, but it's still SNAC and FLAP below it.
Posted on: 06-27 12:04 am

Interesting, Tony. Very interesting.

I wonder what you mean by custom SSL wrapper. Do you mean a modded version of an SSL library, or a different version of the SSL protocol that AOL implemented in AIM 6 auth? =P

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Posted on: 06-27 2:01 pm

Sorry, I think I've overstated the case a bit, it's not *that* custom in either regard. Instead a better way to perhaps look at it is that unlike SSL as most people are used to as connect, send, receive, disconnect, the fact that it's an open stream is a little bit different. Though if someone has worked with IRC over SSL then it shouldn't be that foreign at all.
Posted on: 06-27 3:33 pm

Ah. Now I see. Kind of like encrypting whole packet data over a TCP stream, if I'm not mistaken. =P

if (Nerd->Personality == (NERD_PERSON_FRONTFACING + NERD_PERSON_SMARTALEC)) { return; }
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