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Hosting a general chat on AIM
Posted on: 12-25 9:31 am

Because it's early in the morning, I'm decided to open up a general chat group that's open to anyone. We'll mostly talk about what's on our minds, but there can be a subject if applicable.

Luckily, instead of asking people to join, I can just use an AIM URI that anyone can access to join. So if you want to join:


Happy chatting. =)

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Posted on: 12-28 6:27 pm

Sounds promising.

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Posted on: 12-29 7:52 pm

Yeah I tried it with another room, and it didn't work.

By the way, the chat ended days ago. No one bothered to join. :(

if (Nerd->Personality == (NERD_PERSON_FRONTFACING + NERD_PERSON_SMARTALEC)) { return; }
Posted on: 01-02 4:16 pm

Leave the link up, people should be able to join up if they're on. Sorta like a come and go kinda thing. I'll join the room when I log in from now on. See you there!

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