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Posted on: 08-17 3:18 am

Trying to see if I can get this thing running on an emulator, believe it's version 2.1 of AIM. Am I missing something, or is it just impossible on a(n emulated) machine this old?

Posted on: 08-17 1:18 pm

The actual connection server is what you enter the information as, *not* as a proxy server. Look for something like "" and that's the area you edit. You should disable those proxy settings otherwise it won't work at all.

It may not be directly editable in that version, you may want to edit the hosts file. I'm not sure which version of Mac OS you are using, but in OS 9, the file is the OS 9 partition, preferences folder, and edit the hosts file. In there you want to put on a new line: A A A

Or possibly easier, use a later version of AIM which may allow you to edit these, though I cannot confirm this and you may have to edit the hosts file anyway:
Posted on: 08-17 1:57 pm

So I actually JUST got it to connect (I had to go in and create the hosts file myself) but it seems that as soon as AIM finishes starting up, my VM (Basilisk 2) segfaults. Any idea what it might be doing immediately after logging in that could cause that?
Posted on: 08-17 8:06 pm

I GOT IT! I had to disable the news ticker, I'm guessing it was trying to load that and failing every time.
Posted on: 08-26 7:07 pm

Where do I edit the host URL in AIM Mac v4.1? The only option I can find for something like that it in proxy settings.

Just a girl bumbling into the new millenium. Wherever it takes me, I'll figure it out.
Posted on: 08-26 7:44 pm

you might have to follow what tony advised.
Posted on: 08-26 7:53 pm

The hosts file does not exist in that directory, nor in any other directory that is accessible by a user.

Just a girl bumbling into the new millenium. Wherever it takes me, I'll figure it out.
Posted on: 08-26 8:11 pm

you create the hosts file yourself and turn off the news ticker.
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