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Posted on: 10-23 10:39 pm

I got randommly signed in on another screenname without even touching AIM: Pheonix system msg said that i was signed in as (DaDarkWolf) and my buddy list was different and everything

.............I dont know what to put here soooooo
Posted on: 10-23 10:40 pm

it actually said Phoenix System Msg: Your screenname (DaDarkWolf) is now signed on in 2 locations. Reply with 1 to sign off at other locations.

.............I dont know what to put here soooooo
Posted on: 10-24 9:22 pm


this is a problem I have been aware of for some time, simply signing off and back on will fix it for now.

root@Timmy64:~# apt-get install bacon
Posted on: 11-05 11:43 pm
AimGuy XP

@iWarg you think most of the people will do that? Some ppl probs will mess a random aacount and thats BAD D:

I like Aim,Windows XP,MSn,Msn explorer, ie6
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