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Multimedia services on Aim PRO
Posted on: 12-30 4:49 pm

is this in the cards to be implemented,for pictures and such?
Posted on: 12-30 6:22 pm


unfortunately I don't have the slightest bit of information on how all that worked, and the AIM pro client doesn't send any requests that would give an indication where to begin.

root@Timmy64:~# apt-get install bacon
Posted on: 12-30 8:12 pm

UNderstandable,have a great day,seems i will be using 5.0 for chat rooms anyways
Posted on: 01-01 12:23 pm

It's for WebEx Meeting integration, which was in beta until 2006 and then abandoned, it can never be implemented without also totally re-implementing pre-Cisco WebEx. That included screen sharing, web cam chat, voice chat, and a different type of file sharing which were not a part of rendezvous (which all other AIM versions uses). It required one to link to their WebEx account to their AIM account which you could do in the AIM Pro menu or some place. At least is my recollection, and depending on your AIM Pro install you'll find a WebEx plugin installer in the AIM Pro install path... don't install it though.
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