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Breaking! Biden Secretly Releases 7000 COVID Positive Migrants Triggering Texas Emergency --- --- Dr. Mercola To ‘Delete All Content’ After 48 Hours As Biden Regime Ramps Up Attacks --- --- Colombia City Overwhelmed by US-Bound Migrants From Around World --- --- UK Hotel Cancels Paying Guests After Converting to Migrant Reception Center --- --- DeSantis Fires Back at Biden: Until Border is Secured, ‘I Don’t Want to Hear a Blip About COVID From You’ --- --- School Board President Rips Mic From Iranian Immigrant Mother Speaking Against CRT --- --- Household Debt Charts Biggest Increase Since 2007 --- --- Alex Jones to Announce $10,000 Winner — Check Out All The Entries! --- --- Joy Reid, Stephen Colbert Compare Trump ‘Death Cult’ to JONESTOWN --- --- $1 Trillion Infrastructure Bill Hits Snag As Senators File Nearly 300 Amendments --- --- BBC Asks If There Should Be Porn for Children --- --- Wednesday Live: Globalists Declare War Against The Unvaccinated --- --- Biden Tells Cuomo To Resign Over Scandal, CDC Expands Eviction Moratorium & Push for Covid Passports Ramps Up --- --- Hungary Tells EU it Has No Business Telling Hungarians How to Raise Their Kids --- --- Tucker Carlson Scorches New York Times For Flacking For China, Covering Up COVID Origins --- ---

Due to the recent attack on our servers, it is STRONGLY advised to change your password immediately! We recommend not using a password you have used for other things, just in case. We deeply apologise for this breach, great measures are being enacted in an effort to keep an event like this from happening again, the attacked server has been permanently retired, and all services moved to a new faster, more secure linux server.

in our pledge to defy the censorship crusade all big tech platforms seem to be currently engaged in, the potential for attempted attacks is greater than ever, we will try our hardest to fend off the goon squad that would have any dissidents like Phoenix silenced, and we will not give up, nor will we be coerced into compliance.

Some sections of the website are currently disabled, a code audit is underway to ensure nothing malicious has been hidden in the scripts.