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Exclusive: Meet the OSHA Experts Defeating Joe Biden’s Vaccine Mandate State by State --- --- Shocking Photo Shows Jeffrey Epstein & Ghislaine Maxwell Posing At Queen Elizabeth’s Log Cabin --- --- “F**k You”: Roger Stone Dismisses Daily Beast Reporter Asking About Jan. 6 --- --- #RealNotRare: Vax-Injured Women Release Video To Raise Awareness About Adverse Reactions --- --- How Picking a Soviet-Born Radical For A Treasury Post Backfired on Biden --- --- Japan Health Ministry Warns Moderna & Pfizer COVID Vaccines Causing Heart Inflammation in Young People --- --- Arizona Deploying National Guard as Thousands of Illegals Swarm Border --- --- UK Blowing Massive Sums on Pizza for Boat Migrants --- --- Prepare Yourself: The Economy Is Under Controlled Collapse --- --- Americans Should Require Christmas Guests To Prove They’re Vaccinated, Says Fauci --- --- SIX JABS: BioNTech CEO Says Omicron Variant May Need Three More Vaccine Doses, Plus Initial Vaccine and Boosters --- --- Vast Majority of Brits Want Government That Made a Mockery of Lockdown to Impose More Lockdown Rules on Them --- --- Fauci Calls For Biden To ‘Clearly Supersede Individual Choices’ With Vaccine Mandate --- --- It’s A Cringe Christmas: Hollywood Pushes Masks & Boosters In Pathetic New Music Video --- --- Rural Voters, Guns, and Decentralization Sank the Democrats in Virginia --- ---

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in our pledge to defy the censorship crusade all big tech platforms seem to be currently engaged in, the potential for attempted attacks is greater than ever, we will try our hardest to fend off the goon squad that would have any dissidents like Phoenix silenced, and we will not give up, nor will we be coerced into compliance.

Some sections of the website are currently disabled, a code audit is underway to ensure nothing malicious has been hidden in the scripts.