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Nostalgia Chatroom
Posted on: 01-08 7:38 am

Kalinka Said:
'I seem unable to add any buddies of my own accord.'

Your user appears to be invalid when someone tries to message you back.
Posted on: 01-08 7:55 am

Does my username contain invalid characters or something? It has an underscore - is that not allowed
Posted on: 01-08 7:59 am

It just says your screen name is not valid.
Posted on: 01-08 8:05 am

my Screen name is kalinka_shadows, not Kalinka.
Posted on: 01-08 8:12 am

Posted on: 01-08 8:50 am

Can you attempt to do this using Pidgin? I would like to know if my username contains invalid characters. I've messaged iWarg about the issue. I have chatted with two other users successfully, but I think they were both using Pidgin.
Posted on: 01-08 2:55 pm

my screen name is derp500, can you add me?

Pidgin-AIM, I'm a cool kid.
Posted on: 01-08 8:31 pm
Angel Popuko

screenname is angelpopuko08
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