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Connect With Me On YIM, Plus A Connection Tip
Posted on: 03-31 6:40 am
Trenton Matthews

Greetings all!

If you would like to connect with me on Yahoo! Messenger, my username is
NB. I only speak English, and I'm already spoken for.

For those using a client such as Pidgin or Miranda IM (not Miranda NG as YIM has been pulled from said client as of v9.5.12), use the below info for connecting to the Yahoo Phoenix Server.



The above may also still work with the Yahoo Messenger Android application:
https://yahoo-messenger.en.uptodown.com … d/download
Posted on: 12-13 12:48 am

hey my user name is eschirtzgamer and thanks for the tip :)
Posted on: 12-26 2:56 am

Beta Tester

8080 is a proxy port, the YMSG server only listens for connections from 5050

Hououin - your friendly neighborhood AIM server operator
Posted on: 12-26 12:48 pm
Galra Keith

I Got a Message saying Yahoo Messenger Can't Connect
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