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Why Did Bill Gates Make Sudden U-Turn On Climate Doom Narrative? --- --- Zelensky Asks Spirit Cooker Marina Abramovic to be Ambassador for Ukraine, Help ‘Rebuild Schools’ --- --- Video: Shocking moment crowd of 100 migrants storm across Rio Grande --- --- Biden butchers LL Cool J’s name before referring to rapper as ‘boy’ in train-wreck speech --- --- Fourth IRS Agent Says D.C. and California Prosecutors Blocked Hunter Biden Charges --- --- GOP Predicts Biden ‘Organized Crime Ring’ Received $50M, $30M More than Shown --- --- Saturday Special Report: Globalist Plot to Expand War With Russia Exposed, Zelensky Hires Witch, Russell Brand Updates & MORE --- --- Watch: National Guard Rolls Into Eagle Pass, Texas As Biden’s Border Crisis Spirals Out-Of-Control --- --- WATCH: Alex Jones Gives Reality Check on the Globalist Persecution of Russell Brand --- --- WATCH: Alex Jones Becomes Globalist Enemy #1 After Exposing Alliance Between Gov’t & Big Tech --- --- US Abrams Tanks Arrive In Ukraine Next Week, Biden Confirms --- --- WATCH: Is Joe Biden Being Blackmailed To Support Zelensky’s War? --- --- Horrific Ukraine War Footage Shows a Drone Dropping Explosives on a Soldier Begging For His Life --- --- American Citizen Injured in Crash With Carload of Romanian Illegals at Northern Border --- --- Video: BBC/Channel 4 Host Makes Case for Others to “Break the Law” Fighting Climate Change --- ---

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