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FLASHBACK: CIA/State Department Predicted Russian False Flag, Proving Infowars Right Again! --- --- Watch: Moderna CEO Predicts People Will Get Covid Vaccines Every Year Like “An iPhone” --- --- The FBI Raid, IRS Expansion & Obama Agenda Are All Connected In Plot To Incarcerate Millions Of Americans --- --- Is AI Satan’s Surveillance System? – Exclusive Report --- --- Here’s The Warrant: DOJ Investigating Trump For Potential Violations Of Espionage Act, Obstruction Of Justice --- --- “We Don’t Believe You” – Mises Institute President Rips Establishment GOP’s Response to Trump Raid --- --- Radical Islamists Celebrate Stabbing of ‘Blasphemous’ Author Salman Rushdie --- --- Trump Should Face Execution Over Alleged Nuclear Docs, Suggest Ex-CIA Chief & Others --- --- An Alarming Prediction --- --- Has the Establishment Left Successfully Killed the First Amendment? – WATCH LIVE --- --- SUV Packed With Illegals Slams Into Texas Restaurant --- --- Diversity Expert Destroys CRT Marxist Agenda – Watch --- --- Syrian Migrant Stabs Woman at Immigration Office in Germany --- --- Is This The End of MAGA Media? --- --- Joan of Arc is Cancelled --- ---

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