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Posted on: 03-13 5:59 am


In order to start using Yahoo Messenger with this server you need to use windows registry editor (regedit) to change the server host key (or simply use the patcher under downloads if you are lazy or afraid of regedit).

in regedit navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Yahoo\pager\ and lokate a REG_SZ type called ConnServer, double click this line and when the edit string dialog appears enter either or

submit OK and you are complete, if Yahoo was open during this you will have to restart it.

Posted on: 04-17 3:24 pm

Hello i am the owner of mhinekho78 and the password is Loveyurika69


Posted on: 11-07 5:41 pm

it dosent work

Posted on: 01-06 7:08 pm

i dosent work anymore

Posted on: 01-06 7:19 pm

meh, Y2 barely works, back in mid-2018, 60% of my messages weren't even sent and people that were online were shown as offline.

never mind, it works, however i got kicked today and can't login.

Posted on: 02-05 5:43 pm
Nguyen Hoc

Hey you

Posted on: 02-05 5:44 pm
Nguyen Hoc

Can you give me your server yahoo? I want to development yahoo and user for erverybody. Thanks you very much. Please PM with me by email:

Posted on: 03-07 4:22 pm

It didn't work for me.

Thanks, xLEGOx.
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