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Need AIM? Has AIM.

The December 15th termination of AOL's AIM service means nothing to us here. Keep in mind that currently only third party clients that support non SSL and non ClientLogin connections, and official AIM clients up to 5.9 will work here.

To connect to this AIM server, here's all you need to know

NOTICE: this server is still under active development! There are still no doubt bugs..

Latest News 1/18/2018

- Say hello to SmarterChildJr
- Server patched to
- User state management code cleanup, optimization.
- Fixed a potential problem with clients pre 2.1 that may have caused newer clients to hang.

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This service is in no way affiliated with AOL or its partners, I am not responsible for
any silly our stupid trouble you somehow manage to get yourself into here >_>
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