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Posted on: 06-12 12:48 pm


Just finished the first implementation of the "AOL System Msg" service which will now be "Phoenix System Msg" which will handle special service messages and notify you if you are signed on in more than one geographical location and allow you to disconnect those other instances. Also moving ahead with support for the TOC 1.0 and TOC 2.0 protocols, which will make developing a new mobile and web based client app much easier.

root@Timmy64:~# apt-get install bacon
Posted on: 06-14 11:27 am
AimGuy XP


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Posted on: 06-26 5:16 pm

Are you going to be implementing TOC as a wrapper to OSCAR as it originally was or as a separate protocol supported by the server(s)? In my experience wrapping it has its own nightmares, where as directly implementing it on its own is much easier to deal with... though its worth considering how your servers are communicating and so forth, if they are using something akin to OSCAR, it may be well and good to just create a wrapper. Though be careful, in the original TOC login process, where you could enter a server to login to, if you were daring and put something other than it would actually try to connect to it, and if it was something you possed, you could see what it was doing. This was fixed though so later on it didn't really matter what you put in that parameter.
Posted on: 06-27 5:18 pm


TOC will be its own server

root@Timmy64:~# apt-get install bacon
Posted on: 06-28 2:32 am

Congrats on being Slashdotted, btw. Hopefully it didn't hurt too much. It is how I ended up finding this. Looking forward to a possible server code release.
Posted on: 06-28 12:39 pm


oh my so that explains the traffic spike. well at least the server software is taking the extra work like a boss.

root@Timmy64:~# apt-get install bacon
Posted on: 06-29 1:15 am

Slash dot.. a number of niche facebook groups and a bunch of mainstream media. as well as those places like Yeah.. congratz. your officially viral. All you need is Reddit now.

Posted on: 06-29 11:41 am

Dr moddnstine kinda showed off AIM Phoenix although I don't recall him saying it was Phoenix but rather "I have working AIM" so theres that

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