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Using AIM with wine?
Posted on: 10-02 6:13 pm

I recently got a mac computer, but it's too new to use the older mac versions of AIM, so can I connect to AIM using wine???

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Posted on: 10-02 7:52 pm

Use pidgin instead:
Posted on: 10-02 8:03 pm

Alrighty! So I downloaded pigdin, and it relocated me to this program called Adium. I'm trying to connect to the AIM server with it and it's not working.

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Posted on: 10-02 8:06 pm

I'm not familiar with Adium, but be sure to disable encryption/secure connection/SSL, set the server as
Posted on: 10-02 8:13 pm

Lemme see if pidgin can be installed, one sec.

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Posted on: 10-02 8:15 pm

Wait, do I have to install homebrew or something else to download it??

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Posted on: 10-02 8:22 pm

No, I don't think so, if you're on OS X you should be able to download and run it as far as I'm aware.
Posted on: 10-02 8:32 pm

@jcbug what ver. of os x?
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