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Posted on: 11-02 4:37 pm

HI there... I am an AIM connoisseur from 1998. *(When I got my first computer and first AOL account). So I signed up and signed in and it was so nostalgic. I told a friend and he signed up too. I thought, "hmmm, let me click this "expressions" and see what happens. Well that should have been proceeded by "hold my beer and watch this...." It started to open in explorer.... no big deal. then another window opened... weird. Then another, and another and another.. I tried to close them but every time I opened one two more would open. I ended up with almost 100 explorer windows open. Had to force shut down. scanning upon restart everything was good. I'm using AIM 5.9xxxx (I can't tell now because now AIM wont' even open, as as administrator).

So... there we go. I hope this gets bigger and better and AIM comes back. :)
Posted on: 11-03 1:53 am


5.9 is a bit.. wacky, even on windows 7. I often have to kill the process several times to get the login window to render.

root@Timmy64:~# apt-get install bacon
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