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Weird Message regarding my account
Posted on: 12-31 1:23 pm

I have got a message from Phoenix System Msg saying that my account was signed up in 3 diffirent places and telling me to type 1 to get rid of the other ones,upon pressing 1 it said the other ones have been logged out.

Is this a real or a fake message?

I am worried about my acc.

Hey does anyone ever read this?
Posted on: 12-31 5:02 pm


seems legit tho

root@Timmy64:~# apt-get install bacon
Posted on: 12-31 8:20 pm

I'd think it's a real message as I see it whenever I login on my desktop and laptop, sometimes even when I disconnect/connect to my VPN.
Posted on: 01-01 6:26 pm

It is - search the update logs for this info.

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