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Old Versions Of AIM & Windows 10?
Posted on: 11-17 10:38 pm

Hello, heh, I am scared to install AIM 5.9 under my main Windows 10 laptop computer due to fear of compatibility issues :(, so I tested AIM 5.9 on my Windows XP laptop computer that I hardly even use nowadays, and obviously that did work, since the software itself was already designed for Windows XP, but what about AIM 5.9's compatibility with Windows 10? (Installer, the program itself, and the uninstaller.) Did anybody here try AIM 5.9 out already under Windows 10? If so, are there any sort of issues or problems that I should be aware about? Or is it just not worth the risk for me under Windows 10?
Posted on: 11-18 1:43 am


i know the installer doesn't work, according to some.. I personally won't own a PC with windows 10 on it.

root@Timmy64:~# apt-get install bacon
Posted on: 04-01 1:22 am

I am using windows 10 and I am running 5.9 its running the same like it use to run on windows 98 he he he it still crashes but you don't get the blue screen of death.
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