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apparently im retarded and cant read between the
Posted on: 01-04 8:36 pm

lines on how to install anything to work on my imac (current version). i regret being dumped by my geeky boyfriends now. but at least i can resist contacting my ex(s) and resort to the true lions of the internet.

so i have "Adium"... the purple pigeon is warning me not to use it but i installed homebrew and then gave up.

no one will be chatting with me anytime soon so no hurry but dont break my heart mr. internet 2018.

any questions? do i need to clarify my problem further?
Posted on: 01-26 1:42 pm


apparently adium uses ClientLogin in newer versions which this server doesnt support, older versions with encryption off should work

root@Timmy64:~# apt-get install bacon
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