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From the creators of Phoenix aim, yahoo and icq
Posted on: 09-10 4:12 pm

Here's comes phoenix desktop FINALLY! an working aol revival but unlike aolemu which is not an actual aol phoenix desktop works just like real aol 4.0 with own isp own as phoenix online Plus this is an advertising of phoenix desktop, right now its on closed alpha but soon we're getting the first release of phoenix desktop

Aiming for me?
Posted on: 09-16 6:04 pm

Beta Tester

how much will it cost?

can i use dailup to login or does I need DSL or Cable?

Posted on: 11-15 9:18 am

Beta Tester

peterpanpyt Said:
'how much will it cost?

can i use dailup to login or does I need DSL or Cable?'

Best comment ever

A time traveler from 1979
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