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WATCH: Massive Illegal Alien Processing Center in El Paso Desert --- --- Tuesday LIVE: UK Government Confirms Covid Shots Have Killed MILLIONS as Secret CCP Military Bases Discovered Across US --- --- National Guardsman Shoots Suspect Who Stabbed Illegals, Fled Back Into Mexico --- --- Dr. Phil Guest Exposes High-Tech Chinese Military Operations Near American Bases On U.S. Soil --- --- American Small Business Owners Being Forced Into Becoming NSA Spies – Exclusive Report! --- --- Trump Trial Day 2: Watch Donald Slam ‘Trump-Hating’ Judge As A ‘Total Disgrace’ --- --- WATCH: Illegals Crash Speed Boat on SoCal Beach, Pile Into Waiting SUVs and Disappear --- --- Facebook Imposes 10-Year ‘Restriction’ on Conservative Portuguese Political Party --- --- Must-See! Dr. McCullough Tells ‘Occupy Democrats’ Host Covid Jabs Have Killed Half a Million Americans --- --- Peer Reviewed Study: Cancer Deaths Increase After Covid Vaccination --- --- Popular Anti-NWO Orthodox Priest Stabbed in Australia – Alex Jones Responds --- --- Alex Jones Celebrates 30 Years on Air! --- --- WATCH: New Zealand Activist Goes Viral With Massive Alex Jones Billboards --- --- Big Brother in Training? How Proposed Legislation Might Pave The Way For Online Age Verification And Digital ID --- --- French Actress Refuses to File Charges For Home Burglary After Learning Suspects Were Illegal Immigrants --- ---

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