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Phoenix2 access information.
Posted on: 09-22 10:28 pm

Unable to post on beta/desktop forum the mirror site. http 500

Not sure if you are aware or care, since it's still being migrated.
Posted on: 02-13 3:10 pm

Beta Tester

testing season is here again. same port as before.

Hououin - your friendly neighborhood AIM server operator
Posted on: 02-18 10:37 am

Beta Tester

help so im unable to connect to phoenix2 so now my question is "is it for aol desktop or for aim and phoenix desktop?"

Posted on: 02-24 9:36 am

Beta Tester

lollybomby Said:
'help so im unable to connect to phoenix2 so now my question is "is it for aol desktop or for aim and phoenix desktop?"'

The current Phoenix2 beta is just for AIM.

[21M/USA] Screen Name: FairPlay137
Posted on: 03-01 6:02 pm

Beta Tester

I'm not able to get connected from pidgin (all i did was change the port number from my working account)
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